March 26, 2009


Cabanatuan City.
Life in the urban city in the central plains of Luzon.
took my secondary school in CICians.
A Ecijano for four years was not fun or bored but to learn and think about for the rest of my life.
I chose to be a man for this who I am.
When popping a pill was the answer for fun and forget about the future.
When my friends met in lucero and ate some sweet spaghetti at la parillia
Chinese buns and noodles at Joey's and bought hallmark cards at N.E.
Early morning mass was to forced myself to wake up,
but not to take the body of Christ, just to stared around for those who I liked.
Just 2 relationship for 4 years in Cabanatuan.
One lasted for a year and the other one almost a decade.
Aduas was home and my friends were matadero blooded with pigs blood.
Galore was a big screen TV and burgos was full of 3 wheeler.
I saw her at the gate and called her first section.
she adored her kind and never looked on others.
She was a smart wit and I was the numb.
I never realized that I'll meet her again;
In the land of milk and honey.
20 years I waited to adore and love her
but I lost her.

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