April 27, 2009

2009 Global Influenza

Level Alert.
Another crisis for the world to face on 2009.
It is more lethal than losing a house or a job.
It is a deadly form of flu a combination of other flu to make a super influenza.
I feel like nature has really getting even with us for humans are gradually destroying the planet.
A mutant flu that can be stop but for how long?

April 26, 2009

World Poverty

A land is mortal and life is precious.
Starve to death and be a hero or fight to survive and be forgotten.
They left us to find something to chew that might last a minute or so.
The smell of diesel is like fresh air and dust is like water that cleanses our face.
We beg so we can survive for another day and to steal
to spend our lives in jail.
We have nothing to lose even we are squash by a charging bull or be eaten by
Survival is no longer an option for death is the answer.
We were born to smell like crude oil and to forget about our future.
You can help me and my brother if you start helping yourself.

April 21, 2009

Global Warming 2009

The heat is unbearable, the temperature raises every seconds every minute and every drop of sweat is boiling.
The Earth is crying for humans are to blame,
to spill a crude oil and smoke belching is killing the planet.
Some care but the majority are killers.
hybrid cars,ev1,solar cells,wind mills are not enough to stop nations that
are hungry for fossil fuel.

It must be hot out there.

Warming 2009

Montana Glacier

April 06, 2009

The Globe

It will leave a black ink on your finger tip.
It destroyed a lot of trees with the help of recycling,
turn the pages and every words you see are tinier than an ant.
It was invented since man walked on this planet.
You are yelled at just to buy this newspaper.
You are forced to buy it when the headline excites you.
The columnists and articles are lethal short stories that destroyed the powerful elite.
A victim of the world wide web and the changing world economy or just obsolete.
This great Boston Globe might survive if the people from the big apple will turn its pages again.