June 12, 2009

You Choose

When the Katipunan was the cry of Balintawak and Bonificio was murdered by the first President of the Philippines.
I shall return!
A 5 star General yelled to a little brown skin crouched inside malinta tunnel for the future of this island nation will be granted and posted on the back of the Philippine peso.
June 12 was just another coup that every Filipino soldier graved for and that coup killed Andres,Antonio and the Katipunan.
The fight for democracy failed for the Tomasite landed after the first shot was
fired on a bridge of troubled water.
300 years in the convent, 50 years in madison avenue and 5 years with the rising sun.
You choose the Philippine Independence for
June 12th,1898 or July 4th,1946.

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