July 29, 2009

Police Brutality

A deputy punching a small teenage girl.

Racial Profiling

April 29 1992 - Los Angeles Riot

He Is Not One Of Them

Sgt. James Crowley
He is an expert against racial profiling.
Recommended by a black police commissioner to teach
police cadets against racial profiling at the Police Academy.
He tried to helped Boston Celtics player Reggie Lewis from dying.
Gates pick the wrong guy at the right time.
For Crowley will end racism in America.
A police officer that will end police picking colored sticks.
If you want to know the story about Gates and Crowley please search you tube.

Racism In America

Henry Louis Gates.
He yelled racial profiling.
And I say you were too loud and obnoxious.
He yelled I lived here!
Do you know who I am?
I say who cares show your identification and identify yourself.
Racial profiling still exist in America.
It's the dark side of the land of milk and honey and a traumatic event for a colored person.
What happened in Cambridge, Massachusetts was not racial profiling but
an ego that exploded out of proportion,
That created another conflict between black and white.
A professor's ego that opened another traumatic event for all colored people.

July 21, 2009

A German In Outer Space

Wernher Von Braun.

He was the brain of a destructive weapon during WW2 the V-2.

He invented the Saturn V rocket that took America to the moon.

Until now he is unknown to the majority of people who saw the foot print of Armstrong.

He was the German in outer space

The Right Stuff

Chuck Yeager
The most experienced test pilot in the world.
he broke the sound barrier in 1947
and continued to chase the sound for decades.
The first pilot to shot down the first jet plane the German ME-262.
He was considered to be a great candidate for the Apollo 11 mission,
but was ineligible for the space program for lack of diploma.
He commanded the 405th Tactical Fighter Wing at Clark Air Base, in the Philippines,during the Vietnam war.
He never wanted to be inside a can but he is

July 06, 2009

A Fog Of War

Robert McNamara
A man called by Ford the Whiz Kid.
A kid that changed the meaning of the Vietnam war,
but this man will be forever be part of that war.
Who played by numbers and the fog of war.

July 04, 2009

Try To Solve ReCaptcha

Luis Von Ahn.

He is one of the people that created a program that stopped multiple spam accounts on yahoo and other famous web sites.

Remember you have to type those silly words that you can't even read before you register or leave a comment on a web site or blog?


Well, now he has a new project he is putting all the books ever written by mankind on the Internet but he has problem.

A computer cannot decipher ancient words written by man.

So, next time you see Recaptcha try to solve it for Luis.

Those are real copy of ancient words found in books all over the world.

You just have to type the exact words and the computer will register those words.


July 02, 2009

Afghan Hound

The war in Iraq is almost over but the war of attrition might continue or just part of the past.
Mesopotamia empire will rise up again to be democratic to be ruled by Iraqis.
Across the border a mad dog is on the brink of destruction,
A breed of Afghan hound might rule with terror and to destroy Islam but the Pakistani people will prevail.
They will stop this terror to rule 2 Muslim nations.
A Muslim it will remain.