September 26, 2009

Filipino Driver

You thing Bostonians are crazy drivers. Watch this

The Effect Is Global

The Nostradamus Effect is already started and the prophecy is an illusion of everyone's fear.
but we can see the truth in our fears and the effect is heart breaking.
Mankind is again tested by God, Nature and Prophecy.
We never understand why we burn the Amazon jungle,
throw piece of paper under our bed and used too much plastics.
The effect is global and mankind should stop.

2009 Georgia Flood

Manila Flood 2009

Nostradamus Effect

Manila, Philippines.
After the 2 towers fell in New York City in September 11th.
The Nostradamus prediction is dominating the 21st Century.
his prediction are occuring all over the world.


September 18, 2009

With A Twist Of Olive

I want to learn Greek and learn the other side of my blood.
but growing up in the 7,000 islands of the Philippines was hard enough for me to learn the languages and dialects of my Asian blood.
but not only the Filipino culture but the 300 year old Spanish influence
in the pearl of the orient.
I am proud to be a Filipino and proud to have a Greek blood that I never really understand and a culture that I want to reach.
I have an olive skin but with a smell of brown rice.
my feature will always be misunderstood of something else
but with a twist of olive.

September 16, 2009

Kuweba (Cave)

Sabi nila ako ay pinanganak na walang ama.
Sabi nila ako ay nagiisa.
Sabi nila tanga ako.
Ang buhay sa Amerika ay parang hindi ko maabot.
Hindi ko mahawakan.
Hindi ko maintindihan.
Ang buhay ay parang puno na kung tuyo dapat diligan ng dugo.
Pero may pag-asa naghihintay sa kabila ng kuweba.
Panaginib man o katotohanan dapat harapin ang Kinabukasan.

September 13, 2009

Looking For Her

I can't remember why we fell apart from something that was so meant to be.
forever was the promise in our hearts.
I wonder where you are.
do I ever cross your mind?
do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
I don't have your picture in a frame.
I can't remember why we fell apart and I wake up reaching out for you.
I wish that you would call to say
I miss you.
my loneliness and heartache is driving me insane.
your voice is driving me insane,
I am wondering about tomorrow if she will come back to me.

September 11, 2009

Grow Old

As I grow old my life is stronger.
Love seem to be unreachable and unpredictable.
Love is unfair, brutal and condescending
Love is full of betrayal and trial.
Love can be deceiving and will commit murder after you fell in love.
Love is hitting your head with a baseball bat and paralyzed you for the rest of your life.
Love is all about buying love to make another person to fall for you.
Love is endless phat and can be for word.
Love is great if you have someone to love.

September 09, 2009


When the water burst a new child was born.
hammered by love and regret.
days with love are counted not by minutes but by time.
when time stop but the minutes still continue without remorse.
I was born on this day for I was the only child that fell on the floor.
my brains shattered with regret and wanted to know what is love all about.
years drew constant barrage of loneliness for the woman who bare the pain was never there to catch the placenta before it fell on the floor.

September 05, 2009


I could beg to you

that I felt insecure and I leave my burdens at the door.

I'm on the outside;

looking in the hole of eternal pain.

I see your true colors inside me,

I can see through you.

See your true colors and I wasted more time than anyone.

And all the times that I cried are wasted,

And for you it was full of pride.

September 03, 2009


I still like you, I wish you give me another chance to know you better. I still do like you because I am so much attracted to you, I still do like you for I will be waiting for you.