October 27, 2009

Kayumanggi (Brown)

The street with a basketball court on the side,
a street with kids kidding around, sometimes it was more than that.
A friend that I kissed for once in my life but only now that she felt my lips.
K Street is still there but we faded away.
Toto's crib was just like any other cradle,
dark and hidden.
secrets still remained hidden but the whole world knows.

October 19, 2009

No One To Cry To

I misprinted lies,

I face the path of time, I will fight this battle all alone.

no one to cry to, no place to call home.

my gift is myself when my privacy was raked.

I will be my own.

I feel better with myself.

October 18, 2009

I Need New Tires

Slipping and sliding all over route 9.
steering the wheel to avoid the rail.
steering some more until dead stop on the side of the road.
wondering about the song on the radio a few minutes ago.
crank the engine and then go on.

October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel

He is the first black President of the United States of America.
the price is not about if he made peace,
if he made the world more diverse.
It is to encourage him to create peace between
Christians, Jews and Muslims.
to make our world a better place to live,
to stop the terror amongst us,
to stop this world from destroying itself,
to stop you and me from destroying each other.

In The Wild

Time to think of you but I always catch my breath,
no matter what your friends say,
I'm still standing here but you're miles away.
there's a storm that's raging;
and might froze our hearts in certain circles.
I spend my time thinking of you and it's driving me wild.
there's a message in the wire;
that my heart is breaking
no matter what your friends say,
I'm not losing this fight in your world,
this long distance love tonight but I'm not lying to myself.

October 06, 2009

Out Of Control

I just don't get it.
you should let me love you
let me be the one to give you everything you want and need;
good love and protection make me your selection.
show you the way love's supposed to be.
your true beauty's description looks so good that it hurts,
a dime plus ninety-nine and it's a shame.
I don't even know what you're worth.
everywhere you go they stop and stare
from your head to your toes.
out of control.
fistful of diamonds.
you should let me love you,
make me your selection to show you the way love's supposed to be.
You deserve better girl we should be together
with me forever.

October 03, 2009

A Southerner With A Filipino Heart

Neal Mccoy
Hubert Neal McGaughey, Jr.
(born July 30, 1958 in Jacksonville, Texas)
Is an American country music singer of mixed Irish and Filipino descent.
Known professionally as Neal McCoy.
He has released ten studio albums on various labels, and has released thirty-four singles to country radio.
Although he first charted on Billboard Hot Country Songs in 1988, he did not reach Top 40 for the first time until 1992's "Where Forever Begins", which peaked at #40. McCoy broke through a year later with the back-to-back Number One hits "No Doubt About It" and "Wink" from his platinum-certified album No Doubt About It.
Although he never topped the country charts again, his commercial success continued into the late 1990s with two more platinum albums and a gold album, as well as six more Top Ten hits.
A seventh Top Ten hit, the #10 "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On", came in 2005 from his self-released That's Life, also his most recent studio album.
Words by Wikipedia.

October 01, 2009

Save Us Prayers

Pic by Pagasa.

May god help my people.

Thank you so much for those countries that helped the Filipino people.

Mabuhay Kayong Lahat

Long Live to all of you.

But this brutal punishment from God is not yet over.

There are 3 more Super Typhoon that will hit the Philippines.