February 26, 2010

American History Month

Joe Louis
The first colored person to play for the PGA.
He was not like Tiger Woods but he was the man
that avoided the burning of the cross on par 4.
America is not all about black history but every individual American history
for every living Americans.
February is not about the color of my skin.
but living colour in a crayola box.
February is an American history.

February 23, 2010

Damn Me

I am a victim of the great recession. my lovable Mitsu was taken at 2 in the morning.
Woke up the entire neighborhood to announced that my car was being repo.
I have a thick face not to be affected by a flat bed engine vibration but was shivered in the early morning New England weather.
Damn me!
America gave me courage and hope but a material stuff wrecked everything apart.
It happened to me a decade ago and if you forget about the past it is likely to repeat itself.

February 02, 2010

The Glitch

One of the smartest people on earth found a glitch in the famous car maker in the world.
a Toyota computer chip is the glitch that caused the cars of toyo to go faster to end human lives by a glitch.
the end of an era for this famous maker or just ignore it,
forget about Hyundai genesis and
three diamond Mitsubishi or the other great makers like Honda, Nissan and Subaru.
the competition is fierce and Ford survived the glitch
Steve Wozniak

February 01, 2010

We Are The World - 21st Century

Another helping hand from the greatest artists of America.
helping the poorest country like Haiti and the continent of Africa.
the 21st Century.
when America also suffered from Katrina.
when the land of milk and honey are suffering from unemployment,
homes gone and dreams faded away.
We are the world.
you and me are one species, a creation of the almighty.
and we are all suffering from within.