March 25, 2010


Diploma in your hand, a future that lies in your hand.
mom is always there, but pop never showed up.
It's okay for the future is in your hand,
the achievement is more than a dream it is your destiny.
to graduate is a step to a brighter future.
that every human being is trying to achieve.
your name on a piece of paper to frame and hang
on the wall or just put it aside.

March 23, 2010

Quatrain VI:97

The prediction of a french man about the new city, the towers
fell for the destruction of mesopotamia.
while the milk and honey argued about health care, the men and women of
this country are still dying to free us from terror.
billions of almighty dollars to destroy the world.
while health care is too expensive for the greed.
we were created out of his own image but
we destroy his image.
how can mankind do these to me
and the french man put down his 16th century pen.


I always wanted a family, a wife and children.
I have a child but the wife is just fantasy.
I loved someone but she doesn't care.
I wanted to love her but she doesn't exist.
love is so unfair, for I poured all my love to fantasy.
while my life is not fantasy for I can pinch myself and feel the pain of my sharp nails.
for love is such an easy word to say but in reality it's
hard to hear the beat of some one's heart.
I just take a ride in the sky on my ship fantasise and
my dreams will come true miles away.

March 11, 2010

The Seeds Of Life

Norwegian Doom's Day Vault.
why are the Norwegians preparing for the unexpected?
did someone from heaven asked them to built the vault of life?
or probably they just know.
one of the happiest people on earth are preparing for the inevitable.
and in the pacific a small third world country is also preparing for the unexpected
100,000 seeds are to join the millions of other seeds of life in the vault of life.

March 09, 2010

A Quarter

The first quarter of 2010 is almost over.
The first three months of the American economy is a stalemate.

While the world suffered from major earthquakes,
a great recession trembled America.
a thousand mile to work just to beat hunger,
To pay off a debt but to burden once life.

The middle class Americans are suffering,
while the rest are already on the bottom of the pit.
The greed of wall street that shuttered millions of American dreams.
toss a quarter that might change the future of the almighty dollar.