April 16, 2010


I can see you.
can you see me?
I'm all over the world,
on edsa or tremont street,
saks 5th avenue or the west end.
you never see me because I'm covered with dirt, that belongs
to everyone, you can write your name on my face and when you return
it will still be there.
I was born in the street and took a peek.
to see the entire world just passing by without
a chance to play peekaboo with me.

April 09, 2010

Spring (Tagsibol)

A tree went alive in the land of New England.

birds and ducks flying all over somewhat just released from a cage.

a season for those who are hiding from the cold and now returning to the place where they belong and to continue the life that was abruptly disturbed.
my life never change while others left to avoid the cold winter,
season changed and my life is one.
Spring at last but life is still the same.

Tagsibol (Spring)

Ang puno ay nagkamalay tapos matulog noong taglamig sa bayan ng

Nuevo Inglaterra.

may mga ibon at pato nagliliparan parang nakatakas sa hawla.

ito ang panahon ng mga nagtatago sa lamig ay ngayon nagsisibalikan, bumalik sa kanilang pinangalingan para ipagpatuloy ang kabuhayan na kanilang sandaling iniwanan.

at ako naman ipinagpatuloy ko ang buhay ko habang sila ay umiiwas sa lamig. ang panahon ay nag iba pero ang buhay ko ay iisa.

Tagsibol na,

pero ang buhay ay pareho pa rin.

April 05, 2010


pic by Blezza Marie Loyola
Homeless man in Manila

No one want to touch him and no one to love him.

a man covered with fossil fuel is untouchable,dirty and alone.

some people go somewhere in life but this man just sat on a street corner forever.

never to feel water and never waiting for someone that can wipe his face and see the
true color of his life.

he chose to be covered for he can continue with his peaceful life.

away from a world of uncertainty, away from being bathe with perfumed soap.

a protection from our lies.

never see misery, never to think of someone forever
and always will be covered with grease.