November 25, 2010

13 Crystal Skulls

there are 13 shining messages waiting for
the zoo hypothesis to show themselves from fermi's paradox.

November 24, 2010


The prediction of the french man had begun.
north and south seek to destroy one another for nothing.
while the world is waiting for the inevitable,
we continue with our lives while our fingers crossed.
a truce that was never intended to end the war is haunting us today.
the maya warned us but we continue our belligerent.
for the world might not see the end of the world.

November 02, 2010

Last Quarter Of 2010

Interesting the Republicans are back after a devastating year for the milk and honey.
the land that gave me a chance to succeed is now senile.
blame the institutions that created the great recession but almost into depression.
in god we trust for the almighty dollar is almost useless.
while terror morphed in a piece of envelope. a card that used to be harmless might blow up the entire world. it's only mid last quarter and the son of god is waiting to be born.