December 22, 2011

99 Percent

I am the 99%. 

The movement is not dead it will revive to show the world how the American middle class and the poor will be heard again. 

The homeless that I see everyday at Pine Street Inn, 
The Hispanics selling flowers on the streets of Somerville and 
Route 16. 

We are the 99%.

When the colored middle class are discriminated with higher mortgages payments compared to the majority.

 We are the 99%!

 When the American people bailed out the American banks but the American middle class cannot even borrow money to pay off some of our debts.

 We are the 99%. 

 We need laws to prevent the banks from getting away with Greed and prosecute the people who caused the American Great Recession.

We are the 99%. 

 The Government cannot even extend the payroll tax for another year to save American families a few almighty dollars. 

We are the 99%

December 04, 2011

The Last Quarter Storm of 2011

The movement continues all over the world. 
humanity has erupted like we never seen before. while the majority struggles and the few continue to prosper.

why is greed so hard to be reach for all of us?
you have to be born with a silver spoon to continue to be nourish with prosperity.
the majority work so hard but still being ridicule for the achievements they

the last storm for a chance for humanity to prosper and to fill those empty stomachs.

November 22, 2011

1986 Occupy Edsa

1986 Filipino People Power

The Avenue of the heroes.
The Filipinos had demonstrated the most powerful way to overthrow a corrupt government of the Philippines.
The People Power revolution of 1986 in Edsa was the awakening of the voice of the people that was been dormant for almost 25 years.
I marched on that day of eruption and shouted freedom and democracy that shattered the gates of Malacanang and created a domino effect all over the world.
The Koreans followed us like a cat that forgot to bring a copier.
The Tiananmen student uprising was a success with bloody mary on the side.
The Iron curtain was washed but never to be hang again.
The Filipinos had achieved the extraordinary event of a life time but that achievement can be exploited and can be use has a weapon of mass destruction.
The People Power revolution was the lava that came from Malacanang.
Perhaps Edsa Dos will be the last of the lava flow

October 28, 2011

The Storm

My life is about the 99%.

The poor and the middle class are now vowed to change America.

Wall Street destroyed America's economy but continue to ignore
the people who saved them from depression.

While nature is flooding the entire world, the greed of mankind continues.

It floods with money but the flow continue where only the few can prosper.

Occupy Wall Street will continue to grow.

August 22, 2011

Been There Done That

The muslim people are crossing their fingers for
the liberation of libya and syria.
a new beginning for a religion that has been ridiculed by mankind.
a religion that is being use to create terror around the world.
islam is now becoming free from oppression and to embrace
women's rights.
been there, done that. marched on edsa to feel democracy but cuts and wounds are still fresh since 86.

July 25, 2011


This number is notorious than 9/11, for all who worship are doom to have their last breath taken by suprise.
artists fell victims or they intended to be the victims, a part of the 27 list.

June 29, 2011


The best of hope for those who need sunshine.

the mission must continue to achieve success or abrupt stop to help someone.

individual decision is vital for survival and june was so peaceful.

43rd year of my life but i'm still wondering in the emptiness of space, for she is still

unknown with open grace.

May 02, 2011

Muslim People Power

The arab nations are rising up against oppression

the almighty terror was blinded sided.

muslims are now hopeful for a better future

and never forget to educate palestine.

terror disappeared in the shadows of giza.

muslim people power is unstoppable.

April 20, 2011


Fine. repeating in my head, those things i did before.

home is a Nutshell full of cold that never seems to disappear.

i can be own my own because i hate being dead.

yet i find that i have no one to cry to.

March 19, 2011


Mankind has been bombarded again by the prophecies of the french man and the indians of America. the calamities had occurred and the once that will occur before 2012.
while the world is being destroyed by wars and by the wrath of god.
my life in new england is becoming spring.
spring at last without backaches and cold burns.
when tweetie birds started to sing.
a time to hear weird noise from my car.
fix them and the cycle continues next year.
Spring is not a helical spring that can absorb the shock of life.

February 14, 2011

Deja Vu

I will see again the lives. when I retire in Pangasinan. I haven't seen home since 93, no rush, for home will still be home. gone for awhile but will return to see what i've seen before.

February 11, 2011


Fidel V. Ramos
12th President of the Philippines
(holding flag)
The legacy of people power guided
the egyptian people to a democracy.
the brothers of islam should not anticipate judgement.
freedom from oppressiion is just the beginning of a long test for being democratic.
extreme lust for power will test the people of egypt.

January 18, 2011


It will take a fortune to be educated in the milk and honey.
an education that will never be use in the real world
and in debt for the entire life.
compared to eastern education we succeed.
the achievement is not about the quality of books,
but the persistent to learn.

January 10, 2011

Cloak Hypothesis

They're amongst us.
pointed ears and made films that made us wonder.
creative, mysterious and deceiving.
wild the world is crying about arizona.
plum island is losing grounds.
a path that the media is contributing
to the demise of mankind.
they're beside you and all over you.

January 06, 2011

The Council Of Nicaea

The book that humans believe that were the messages of god.
a book divided with different religions but all merge on the western wall.
dos pilas was full of stars.
the messages were vanished by the council of nicaea.
but 13 shining skulls are waiting to be decipher by cons alpha canis majoris before
the long count calendar is over.

January 04, 2011


Seceded to have a flu shot today.
hijacked my civil liberty for a moment.
while fish and birds are dying all over the world, the milk and honey are becoming fearful of the future.
fossil fuel is becoming expensive it will create a solution.
I tossed the quarter for it will spin for three months to predict the uncertainty of
daughter is getting bigger than mankind.
a resolution for a new life is for me to achieve.