January 18, 2011


It will take a fortune to be educated in the milk and honey.
an education that will never be use in the real world
and in debt for the entire life.
compared to eastern education we succeed.
the achievement is not about the quality of books,
but the persistent to learn.

January 10, 2011

Cloak Hypothesis

They're amongst us.
pointed ears and made films that made us wonder.
creative, mysterious and deceiving.
wild the world is crying about arizona.
plum island is losing grounds.
a path that the media is contributing
to the demise of mankind.
they're beside you and all over you.

January 06, 2011

The Council Of Nicaea

The book that humans believe that were the messages of god.
a book divided with different religions but all merge on the western wall.
dos pilas was full of stars.
the messages were vanished by the council of nicaea.
but 13 shining skulls are waiting to be decipher by cons alpha canis majoris before
the long count calendar is over.

January 04, 2011


Seceded to have a flu shot today.
hijacked my civil liberty for a moment.
while fish and birds are dying all over the world, the milk and honey are becoming fearful of the future.
fossil fuel is becoming expensive it will create a solution.
I tossed the quarter for it will spin for three months to predict the uncertainty of
daughter is getting bigger than mankind.
a resolution for a new life is for me to achieve.