November 22, 2011

1986 Occupy Edsa

1986 Filipino People Power

The Avenue of the heroes.
The Filipinos had demonstrated the most powerful way to overthrow a corrupt government of the Philippines.
The People Power revolution of 1986 in Edsa was the awakening of the voice of the people that was been dormant for almost 25 years.
I marched on that day of eruption and shouted freedom and democracy that shattered the gates of Malacanang and created a domino effect all over the world.
The Koreans followed us like a cat that forgot to bring a copier.
The Tiananmen student uprising was a success with bloody mary on the side.
The Iron curtain was washed but never to be hang again.
The Filipinos had achieved the extraordinary event of a life time but that achievement can be exploited and can be use has a weapon of mass destruction.
The People Power revolution was the lava that came from Malacanang.
Perhaps Edsa Dos will be the last of the lava flow