August 10, 2006

Cavite - A True Filipino Film

Emilio Aguinaldo's House in CAVITE.

Cavite is a superb, thrilling, captivating film about religion, relationship and being a Filipino.

I saw my beloved country thru the eyes of Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana that the Filipinos are still suffering from poverty and oppression.

I haven't been home for 11 years but I know our land is still divided in politics, religion and the rich and poor.

A sea of trash can create food for a day and makes life easier for Filipinos. The smile that hides the sadness can easily be forgotten.

A kid wearing a red and blue shirt eating micky d's on a corner of forgotten memories thinking about his future that it will never come true.


umiibabaw said...

is this aquilles stamentalaky from CIC ??? i hope you still remember me JULIUS JAVATE .. i'm here in LA my number is 818-744-9379

RWZ said...

"our land is still divided in politics, religion and the rich and poor".

I hear all the time how things are getting worse. Life is harder and people are poorer. But then I see all the new development... the lifestyle in Makati, the new yuppies in the call centers, world class shopping malls and most telling to me... a larger percentage of the population with greater amounts of disposable income. Have we been down so long as a people that we don't recognize the winds of change?

Anonymous said...

what a small world... i know you julius javate... :-) i'm also from CIC... how are you related to Jennifer Javate? she's my friend... anyways, my name is Rowena, from CIC and WU-P, the look-a-like of your late ex-gf Grace Garcia (well, that's what they said)... howdy?