October 30, 2006

Got A New Job Today

I got a New job today with a unpredictable world with a growing pain to live.

Some people are nice and compassionate but some are just mistaken to be alive in a world of unpredictable future.

Someone you love is a mile away from you but a thousand miles from my heart. I never meant to be this way,

if I can change my life again, to push the limit of the gravity that pulls my world into a black hole.

I might do it again.

1 comment:

Weng said...

geez, you wrote this blog on my birthday... with a good news saying you've got a new job... wala lang... wehehe!!! you asked me one time, "is this destiny or coincidence?" i answered, "coincidence"... ;-) now i'm more like to believe it's... destiny... love you...