May 24, 2008

2008 U.S. Economy - A Depression?

Doesn't trouble any of you when you see what you doing to us, the profits that your taking, the cost that your imposing to the American People?
These were the words of a Senator who questioned the U.S. oil companies during a hearing on rising gas prices.
The United States economy is not ready for this depression.
thousands of American families lost their houses and the rising oil per barrel is not the answer for the weeping Americans.
Europeans has been paying this oil for barrel for almost a decade now but your economy is different from America. Not only Americans are suffering, the almighty dollar is losing its grip from the world.
Lesser cars on the road the better for the environment but bad for business, the inflation might deflate and might not inflate again.
The middle class use to suffer but now the upper class is being in the middle.
But the almighty dollar can be stretch if you have the right formula.
God Bless America and Good luck!

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