May 20, 2008

NAS - The Helper And Protector

Nasir Jones

American Hip Hop Artist

(born September 14, 1973),

better known by his stage name Nas, formerly Nasty Nas, is an American rapper. Son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas is well known for his 1994 debut album Illmatic. This album established Nas as one of hip-hop's most profound lyricists, introducing his signature poetic style. Raised in the notorious Queensbridge housing projects in New York City, he represents a continuation of a hip-hop tradition in Queensbridge that has spanned through early hip-hop, including the Juice Crew, Mobb Deep, and MC Shan.

I first heard of Nas in the 90's when the Fugees was still a hip hop artist, Tupac was still alive and P diddy was still Puff daddy.

I like Nas cause his radical and subversive but politically correct at all times.

I like his name, it sounds like Nos as in Nitrous Oxide a chemical compound

is sometimes injected into the intake manifold of a car to increase speed.

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