July 23, 2008

Third Quarter

The third quarter of the U.S. Economy.

Sallie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wachovia and other financial institutions in the United States are in trouble.

Their losses reported in billions of dollars.

The domino effect of the sub-prime mortgage problem linger in the US Economy.

Realtors are busy selling houses in cheap quantity. The American families lost their houses and the ever changing world of money lending is still being felt all over the world.

The price of oil dropped. A big help for all of us but the war in Iraq is still alive and a new threat blossom right across the boarder.

The world faces new challenges. The news about global warming is being put aside for a better political problem in the wild frontiers of Alaska.

Electric and Hybrid cars are being introduced by the American and Japanese car manufacturers in United States for a better future.

But the almighty dollar is still the problem.

Perhaps Daniel Dingle can help us solve some problem.


Daniel Dingel said...

Daniel Dingel, the inventor of the water-powered car, now has a website at DanielDingel.com.

Achilles said...

yes thank you sir,

you may also "click" your name on my Posting and it will take you to your official web site.