August 01, 2008

China - A Communist Capitalist

One of the biggest Mall In Asia.
One can also be found in the Philippines

China is a capitalist communist country.

Remember during the Soviet Union?
Businesses didn't exist or it was controlled by the Soviet government.
There were no McDonald,Wal-mart,K-mart,Walgreen or Wendy's in the Soviet.
It was totally totalitarian rule. The government controlled most of everything.
After the collapsed of the Soviet Union.
China emerged to be the next threat to United States but not by war but by economy.
An Economic war that America is losing.
100% of shoes,lap tops, desk tops,clothes,sunglasses or X-box are all made in China heading to America's consumer and perhaps the entire world.
America is the innovator but China is the manufacturer.
If an American will boycott Chinese made products that American will end up losing the boycott because all American products are Made In China.
It is Capitalist almost democratic but in order to control 2 billion people.
Communism is the only way to peace and order.

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