August 02, 2008

Who Killed The Electric Car?

When the last EV1 was crushed. General Motors crushed its own future.

The EV1 was the first modern production electric vehicle from a major automaker and also the first purpose-built electric car produced by General Motors (GM) in the United States.
Introduced in 1996, The EV1 electric cars were available in
California and Arizona as a lease only, as well as through a Southern Company employee lease program in Georgia, and could be serviced at designated Saturn retailers. They were discontinued after 1999 and subsequently removed from the roads in 2003 by General Motors (except for a few). The car's discontinuation was and remains a very controversial topic.

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tutubi said...

possibly lack of buyers. great car at the wrong time. re-introduce it again
and many buyers will consider it due to the high cost of fuel