October 06, 2008

Recession 2008

America is no longer the hub of economic progress.
Wall Street sold America $700 billions dollars of bad debt, sub-prime mortgages,insurance scams and individual retirement accounts.
This $700 billion bail out plan of the Bush administration cannot guarantee economic progress in the coming years but might destroy forever the economy of this great nation.
Greed of Wall Street is the demise of the American people.
Thousands lost their jobs and will continue to fall in line in the unemployment for the coming years.
I am no longer alone with my demise of the almighty dollar. Americans who suffered financially will now suffer tremendously, for banks and other financial institutions will also suffer from this great depression.
America dragged the Philippines and the world in credit crunch, the poor will be more poorer and the rich will be richer.
The export businesses in the Philippines will lose 120,000 jobs if this Greed will not fade away.
Why do the average American has to bail out the people who created these problems?
I will understand how the world will treat America in the future.
I cannot understand why Physicists and Mathematicians can control the behavior of the consumers.
Numbers are not meant to solve progress but are only numbers that no one can understand.
Wall Street is to blame.

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WeNG said...

see? i told you before, nothing is permanent here on earth... kung sino ang nasa itaas, pupulutin din sa ibaba just like america... gulong ng palad ang tawag diyan.. the only permanent here on earth is the LOVE OF GOD, which most of the time, has been taken for granted...