November 05, 2008

Black And White Twins

A real black and white twins.
Twins Ryan and Leo Gerth were born on July 11, 2008 to their black, Ghanian mom Florence and white, German dad Stephan in Lichtenberg, Germany. The press is having a field day because one is white and one is black, but it turns out that, even though the situation is rare, we had no trouble finding tons of examples of such kids living all over Europe mostly. Perhaps where the white genes are still strong enough to bust through the black ones? Lord knows every white person in America has some slave in him. In all seriousness, though, it was funny to read story after story of what the media describes as a “million to one” chance of this happening. Shoot, black and white siblings are an everyday occurrence in Latino families. In fact, blog Racialicious wrote an insightful piece on what a bunch of sensationalism this all is. The story link and full gallery of ebony and ivory are after the jump.

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