December 22, 2011

99 Percent

I am the 99%. 

The movement is not dead it will revive to show the world how the American middle class and the poor will be heard again. 

The homeless that I see everyday at Pine Street Inn, 
The Hispanics selling flowers on the streets of Somerville and 
Route 16. 

We are the 99%.

When the colored middle class are discriminated with higher mortgages payments compared to the majority.

 We are the 99%!

 When the American people bailed out the American banks but the American middle class cannot even borrow money to pay off some of our debts.

 We are the 99%. 

 We need laws to prevent the banks from getting away with Greed and prosecute the people who caused the American Great Recession.

We are the 99%. 

 The Government cannot even extend the payroll tax for another year to save American families a few almighty dollars. 

We are the 99%

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